Memory Foam Mattress

MemorLux Foam

What is MemorLux™ memory foam?

Memory Foam Mattress

MemorLux™ foam is a pressure-relieving material.

What makes it different from regular foam is that MemorLux™ foam conforms to the shape of your body and evenly distributes your weight over a greater surface area, thereby reducing pressuring points and providing a far more comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleeping on Memory Foam Mattress

While normal foams compress unevenly, causing heavier parts of your body to sink deeper into the mattress, memory foam cells actually deform under your body’s weight and evenly spread pressure to adjacent cells. Essentially, that is how memory foam reduces pressure points and conforms to your body's shape.

Another important quality of MemorLux™ memory foam is that it is temperature sensitive. Memory foam is firmer at cooler temperatures and softer at warmer temperatures. This accounts for the “sinking” feeling you get when the foam warms up and conforms perfectly to your body, allowing you to experience a deep, relaxing night’s rest.

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