Memory Foam Mattress

10 Year Limited Warranty

These are the terms of our warranty policy that is located on the label affixed to each mattress. Please review the warranty at the time of purchase.

MemorLux™ requires that the mattress you wish to have repaired be in good condition. This state of being is defined as "any mattress that has been slept upon under normal sleeping wear, with minimal indentations and with the memory foam able to be supportive and reflexive to stress." If the mattress has only been subjected to normal sleeping wear, defined as "no indentations caused by excessive over abuse" then the mattress will be inspected and repaired with the warranty covering the charge for the defect.

Our warranty policy states that "the mattress must not have been bent, wet, or otherwise abused" in order for the consumer to not be charged for repair costs. Examples of excessive abuse that will null and void our warranty agreement are follows:

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